Selling your home in the winter, even in a warm climate, takes a little extra planning. After all, you might have kids home from school on winter break and additional guests in for the holidays. Even though the time isn’t always ideal for these reasons, if you’re a highly-motivated seller, you might find an equally ambitious buyer.

The most important thing to selling your home is that you make it easier to sell by following a few guidelines that will set you up for a successful sale.

Make it straightforward

If you need to sell during the holidays or winter months, it’s not the time to test the market with a higher than market price. Seek the perspective of a professional when setting a price for your home. A fair price might open the way for a bidding war to give you the best price possible.

Regardless of your holiday plans, make sure your home is available for viewing. That means, get the cooperating on family and out-of-town guests on being ready to vacate the house at a moment’s notice. Plan a place to meet and a way to keep children occupied, even in inclement weather.

Consider decorating for holidays with a light hand. After all, you don’t want a potential buyer to think they can’t see your house properly. If you’re unsure about what is too much or what is just right, ask us. We can help you determine the best way to show your home in a way that still allows you to enjoy the holiday with your family.

Consider alternate curb appeal

In the summer, you can count on colorful flowers and plants to attract buyers’ attention as they drive by. In the winter, some of your greenery might be in hibernation or less colorful. Add a few bright flowerpots in front of any dormant plants to boost your home’s charm.

Feel free to display decorative items outside such as fairy lights or a wreath to add a welcoming sight, but take care not to overdo it so that your home appeals to the broadest group of people. Just make certain none of your decorations obstruct a buyer’s ability to walk around your property or see the home’s full potential.

Have questions regarding how to prepare your home to sell during the holidays or winter months? Just ask us. We can help.

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