How does an iBuyer operate, and should you consider using one?

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There are plenty of legitimate reasons for people to use iBuyers, but it’s important to remember that they’re not right for everyone. You should sell to an iBuyer if you have an immediate need to get out of your home (e.g., you have an emergency or pressing situation and you cannot make repairs to the home).

I suggest you reach out to an expert advisor like myself and explore the pros and cons of choosing an iBuyer. We can also bring you cash offers if that’s truly what you need; in addition to the iBuyer approach, there are a multitude of investors we work with on a daily basis who could supply such an offer.


The initial price offered by an iBuyer won’t necessarily
be the price at which they purchase your home.



The major con of this approach, however, is that your home will be seen as an investment, meaning that it will be purchased at a discounted rate to be flipped and later sold for top dollar. Be aware that the initial price offered by an iBuyer won’t necessarily be the price at which they purchase your home; oftentimes, you’ll see that figure drop once a home inspection is ordered.

When you opt to work with a Realtor, you’ll get the chance to sell your home at true market value. If you are thinking of selling and want to know whether it’s best for you to choose the iBuyer strategy or list on the fair market, please reach out to me or one of my agents by phone or email. We’d love to share more information with you and work to get your home sold for the most amount of money.

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