3 Step Process

How We Stand Out Among Charlotte Realtors

Our Charlotte realtors have taken our depth and breadth of experience with real estate in Charlotte, NC to define an easy-to-follow process for home selling, so that each client knows what to expect and thus, is well equipped to be an effective “partner” in this venture. What makes our process unique is the level of detailed steps BEHIND each of the three steps, that we will share with you at our very first meeting.

It is called our VIP Seller Program and contains the 152 — yes, 152! — distinct steps (grouped into three sequential categories) that we, as your listing agent, commit to follow. Why so many?

Few people realize what constitutes the difference between a smooth, efficient, successful, and profitable real estate transaction and a transaction that is fraught with complications, surprises, and maybe never even closes. We have reason to be confident that your experience will be of the former kind, largely because we apply and adhere to our detailed process every day, and simply stated, it WORKS!

Step 1


This step begins even prior to our first in-person consultation, as it involves considerable research to determine legal history of your property, current market conditions, recent real estate activity in your neighborhood — all of which will affect the marketability of your home and its current market value. At this stage we will give you expert guidance on what you can do to boost the appeal and value of your home, and serve as a resource for reputable contractors you may need — painters, home stagers, repairmen, just to name a few. When your home is ready for the eyes of the world, a professional photographer will take a stunning set of high-resolution images; a licensed appraiser will measure the precise square footage of your home; floor plans will be drawn… all in the lead-up to “going live!” We will present you with a professional analysis of comparable recent home sales and discuss pricing strategies, all aimed at achieving your goals in terms of selling price and speed with which you wish, or need, to sell. We will answer all your questions, serve as your go-to person for any and all concerns now and until the last piece of paperwork is signed at closing, and we will always share our best advice, opinion, and knowledge, so as to set your expectations realistically.

Step 2


You are on the market the moment we click on “submit” in the Multiple Listing Service, which will instantly place your property in front of an audience of thousands of real estate agents and their buyers. A virtual tour will go live on your property’s stand-alone website; social media will be buzzing with news of your newly listed home; dozens of high-traffic real estate search websites will be populated with your home’s photographs and property details; a lock box will be placed on your door and arrangements made to ensure convenient and safe access for showings. An attractive sign is placed in front of your home along with a box containing gorgeous marketing flyers; a set of brochures will be placed inside the home for buyers who visit; and we will alert our entire database of buyers about your listing. Throughout the listing period, we guarantee our accessibility to you with any questions or concerns that may arise, and we will furnish regular feedback to you each time we have a showing. We are almost there…

Step 3


Once an offer is received, we mobilize our best negotiating and closing skills. We scrutinize the many aspects of an offer, along with the qualifications of the potential buyer, and huddle with you to determine our response. If multiple offers are received, we present all and guide you through the process of evaluating which is the strongest. Often, there is a period of back-and-forth offer/counter-offer, when having an experienced Charlotte Home Experts realtor is invaluable. When all parties are in agreement and the property goes under contract, there is still a distance to navigate called due diligence — through inspections, the buyer’s lender’s appraisal, and following progress on the buyer’s loan approval. When we are all seated at the closing table, we are there by your side until the last paper is signed and there are congratulations and handshakes all around.

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