This is why you shouldn’t sell FSBO and why you need an agent to help you.

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Are you considering selling your home without a real estate agent, otherwise known as a for sale by owner? Today I’m sharing why that may not be the best idea and how an agent can ensure the best sale possible in several ways.

Hiring a professional agent will net you more money and avoid legal issues and other problems that can occur when selling yourself. There are many buyers out in the real estate market right now, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the huge amount of buyer demand. What will you do if 30 people want to walk through your house all at once? How will you keep safety the top priority with all these strangers?

You’ll have to negotiate with an array of experts all on your own: buyer’s agents, inspectors, appraisers, and more. You don’t deal with these types of people daily the way agents do. Taking on the role of a Realtor to sell your largest investment isn’t the most rational idea. Agents are trained to negotiate and know all the relevant factors to any particular home sale.

“Hiring a professional agent will net you more money
and avoid legal issues and other problems.”

Another point is pricing. You could try to figure out a list price by getting a Zestimate, but Zillow isn’t very accurate; people often leave quite a bit of money on the table by trying to price their properties themselves. You also have to consider the terms. Being too lenient or uncompromising with an offer can cause a potentially wonderful sale to fall through. How do you know what terms you should get? You don’t want to have a buyer walk away because you don’t know what you’re doing.

Realtors exist to guide you through the process, get you the most money with the least inconvenience, and keep you safe. A slew of factors make up a multiple-offer situation, and we’re here to negotiate in your best interest.

So if you’ve been thinking about doing a for sale by owner, reach out to me; I’d be glad to provide some tips and tricks. I also want to ensure you fully understand what you’re getting yourself into in the current market. In any case, call or email me if you have questions about selling or real estate in general. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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