Poinsettias are the colorful plants most often associated with Christmas and the winter holidays. But you can display them indoors all year long. They add color to your home and are great for curb appeal. Poinsettias come in pink, white, cream, and red (the most popular). These brilliant leafy plants can grow up to 18 inches tall indoors and substantially taller when planted outdoors in your yard if your home is in a frost-free environment. To keep their stunning appearance, though, requires extra attention.

Since poinsettias initially hail from Mexico and the South American tropics. Originally, growers used them primarily for extracting a red dye and for medicinal purposes. These plants became famous and synonymous with Christmas during the 16th century.

Poinsettias need a temperature that stays between 65 and 80F during the day and does not go below 60F at night to remain healthy. The holiday foliage does better in the sun, and the colorful leaves will drop if exposed to cold.

How to Maintain Your Poinsettia after the Holidays

Once the holiday time is over, you may want to have this beautiful flower in your garden. First, remember the plant likes a sunny environment with lots of water.

Remove all the dead branches and cut to about six inches above the pot rim. Use the same dirt from the pot container when you are transplanting your plant. Choose a well-lit area of the garden. Poinsettias require sufficient energy to produce their colorful leaves and need long dark periods at night to bloom out fully.

Poinsettias and other colorful plants are perfect for adding curb appeal to your property. Check out these homes with excellent curb appeal that are for sale right now.

Holiday Homes with Grand Curb Appeal

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