In today’s world of virtual walk-throughs and high resolution pictures, are open houses still necessary? Some believe they’re an outdated practice, but many a trusted realtor in Charlotte, NC would disagree. Open houses have their disadvantages, but they’re still extremely important for generating offers and sales. Some argue that they’re more crucial now than ever before. Read on for a review of open houses, and how they can help sell my house fast in Charlotte.

First, let’s consider the cons of an open house. The biggest downside is that they require a fair amount of preparation. The home needs to be cleaned, repaired if applicable, and properly staged. Valuables and family pictures should be hidden out of sight, and carpets might need to be covered. Then you have to spend the day allowing strangers into your home, letting them open cupboards and look in every single room. It can feel invasive, and downright inconvenient.

One open house can cover lots of interested parties, though, versus needing to make multiple appointments to show your home. You will also need to repair and clean your home regardless, to prepare it for photographs and eventual sale. So the initial time and effort of an open house can save you time and inconvenience in the future. The real reason that you need an open house, though, is so people can get a feel for living in your home.

Yes, we live in an era where nearly every nook and cranny of a home can be viewed online. But there’s also a growing disconnect between what we see on a screen, and what feels real. Plus, when you’ve viewed dozens or even hundreds of homes online, they can all seem to blur together. Visiting a home in person makes it a real, tangible place that you can envision yourself living in. Being able to see a home in person also satisfies our modern inclination towards instant gratification.

Visitors to an open house tend to fall into two groups: prospective buyers who are actively searching for a new home, and drop-ins considering a home in the neighborhood. The first demographic is motivated, while the second is emotionally open to the possibilities that your home presents. You might not meet any of these people if you limit yourself to online and print listings without an open house.

Beyond that, humans are psychologically conditioned to want what feels limited or unavailable. There is a powerful sense of urgency and competition when prospective homebuyers are gathered together with other interested parties. Your home is perceived as even more valuable and desirable, simply because other people also seem to want it. It is one thing to see online that a certain number of inquiries have been made about a property, quite another to see and meet the people behind those inquiries.

There’s a hidden bonus about open houses that some real estate agents won’t tell you: they’re great for networking. Where else can you find a whole group of people who are looking to buy – and possibly also sell – a home? This can benefit you as the seller, because you can find out about available properties to buy, what other people are listing their homes for, and what potential buyers consider to be advantages and deal breakers in a home for sale.

If you’re ready to list your home, and host an open house, we’re here to help! Charlotte Home Experts has a local realtor in your part of town. Find a real estate agent in Fort Mill, SC, or a listing agent in Weddington, NC, or a realtor here in Charlotte, NC. Give us a call at 704-837-0010 for more information!

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