If selling your home is in your plans for this year, here are some items to pay special attention to so that when you’re ready to sell, these things are in place:

  1. Take care of minor repairs and upgrades. Walk through your home with a critical eye and note the items that you could repair on a Saturday. These include touching up the paint, tightening or replacing doorknobs, switching out light fixtures or faucets, and replacing broken electrical switch plates.
  2. Handle big chores. Have the chimney cleaned, clear the gutters, sweep up any fallen leaves left over from the last fall, have the roof inspected, repair windows and screens, and clear out any debris in the yard.
  3. Finally, give your home some curb appeal. Paint the front door an inviting color. Place flowerpots on the porch or in window boxes. Trim bushes, hedges, and trees.

We can work with you to develop a plan for selling your home. Let us help you determine the market value of your property and get it on the market, host an open house, and make an early sale.

Here are some homes on the market right now in Charlotte if you’re ready to trade up.

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