Small Is In! Mecklenburg County Condos Under 600 SqFt - Charlotte, NC

Small Is In! Mecklenburg County Condos Under 600 SqFt

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Small Is In! Mecklenburg County Condos Under 600 SqFt

I have provided a list of available Mecklenburg County Condos below all of which are less than 600 square feet. Are you in need of a Condo that is less than 600 square feet in Mecklenburg County? If you are in need of a smaller space and looking for condo living take a look at the list of available spaces below.

Are you looking to buy a Condo? Here are some Pros to Condo to purchasing a condo provided by Money Crashers

Pros of Buying a Condominium

Security: Many condos offer gated or locked entries, doormen, or even security professionals for residents. If you live alone, or security is a concern for you, this can be a major perk. In addition, you’re living in close proximity with many other people; in an emergency, you’ll have plenty of people to turn to for help.

Amenities: Want a pool? A fitness center? Wednesday game nights at the community clubhouse? Many condo communities offer residents amenities that are out of reach for the average homeowner.

Maintenance: One of the biggest benefits to living in a condo is that other people do the maintenance for you. They cut the grass and maintain the grounds, they fix the roof, and there are plenty of workers on hand for when your furnace quits. If you’re a first time homeowner, in poor health, busy with work, like to travel, or you just don’t want to deal with all that work, this is a major benefit to living in a condo.

Affordability: Condominiums are often priced lower than single-family homes. If you want to dive into homeownership, a condo can be a great first step.

Below is a current list of all available homes that are 600 Square Feet and under for sale in Mecklenburg County. Please bookmark this page as the available real estate listings change weekly. If you have any questions about any of these homes located in Mecklenburg County or are thinking about putting your home on the market please call me at (704) 800-5501.

Available Mecklenburg County Condos Under 600 Square Feet

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