Realtors in Charlotte, NC are not the only ones who know how special it is to live in the area. From great schools to lakeside living to parks, and much more, there are plenty of reasons to choose to own a home in Charlotte. When it does come time to sell your property you likely are going to start thinking, “I want to sell my home fast in Charlotte.” However, there are a few things to bear in mind when you are selling to be sure that you get the best return on your investment. One of the most important factors in this area is knowing the history of your home.

While much of the United States is still relatively new compared to other countries, North Carolina was one of the original 13 colonies, and with that comes a storied and proud heritage. The Charlotte area is home to some of the oldest houses in the country, some of which need to be preserved properly. Before you start considering remodeling or making changes to your house before a sale, you will want to talk to a real estate agent local to the Charlotte, NC area so you know the difference between an old house and a historical landmark.

Old homes are certainly beautiful, but if they have been added to the national Register of Historic Places there could be restrictions on changes you want to make to your home. There are 3,000 registered historic sites in North Carolina, many of them in the Charlotte area. If your home is designated a historic landmark, or if you live in a designated historic district, you will have to get approval for any major changes you want to make to your home. The approval process can take a while since the commission granting approval only meets once every few months, so plan ahead if you want to make timely changes.

Of course, owning a historic home or living in such a district also comes with benefits. In addition to knowing your neighbors won’t be making any garish modifications to the outside of their home, you know that the character of the neighborhood will remain. Additionally, you know that no major construction of freeways and the like will disrupt the peace and quiet of your neighborhood or cause the property value to decrease due to noise pollution. Not only that, some owners of historic homes can receive up to a 30% tax credit simply for living in a historic home or district.

Realtors in the Charlotte, NC area, especially those at Charlotte Home Experts, can help you find out whether you live in a historic home or a historic district and help you plan the sale of your home accordingly. We are local experts who live and work in the area and will gladly help you learn what modifications are likely to get approved as well as how to sell your historic home. Give us a call at 704-837-0010.

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