Regardless of the outside temperatures, the winter months are great for taking on some home improvement projects. Whether you’re updating your home to put it on the market in the Spring, or tackling projects you’ve been saving up for, winter is the time to take them on. Take the easy ones on before the holidays and save the complex jobs for after the new year.

Improve Efficiency

Heating bills go up in the winter, so you might wonder how you can improve your energy efficiency. Try these easy ideas:

  • Change your old thermostat for a modern programmable model. According to the US Department of Energy, by changing out your old thermostat can save you up to ten percent (10%) on your energy bills this winter.
  • Re-seal or caulk windows and door frames. Keep that cold air outside and your warm air inside.

These savings will accrue next summer too.

Update the Colors

Brighten your home with a fresh, clean coat of pain. Add color to an accent wall, create a chalkboard wall for your kids or lift your spirits by painting a whole room in a bright color. Because your house is warmer and drier indoors in the winter, the paint will dry faster. Remember, though, that cooler outdoor temperatures might mean you can’t open windows and doors for ventilation, so be sure you use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint. That way, you’ll minimize the odors.

Add Some Wall Trim

Winter is the time to add a bit of whimsy or structure to your room with fun or formal trims, crown moldings, chair rails, or decorative baseboards. Easy to install foam molding looks like expensive wood molding and is easy to cut with simple tools. So, use it in out of the way places. You just cut it and glue it into place on your walls.

Change Out Fittings and Fixtures

A quick and easy way to update a bathroom or kitchen is to change out the faucets, light fixtures, knobs, handles, and cover plates. Typically, you can completely update your bathroom into a spa retreat in a day with just a few simple changes. Add a new shower curtain and rod, and you have a modern, updated bathroom. In the kitchen, add a high-profile faucet and instantly change the complete look. Add matching cabinet pulls to finish the look.

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, call me. I’ll help you determine which upgrades can improve your home’s selling value. If you’re in the market to buy, here are some great affordable Fort Mill homes to check out.



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