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Ho-ho, the Mistletoe Up in the Tree

Mistletoe holiday traditions

Ho-ho, the Mistletoe Up in the Tree

Every winter holiday is more festive with a branch of mistletoe hanging over an archway. Placed to catch unsuspecting lovers or lovers-to-be. The kissing tradition stems from an ancient festival that began in Rome to celebrate Saturnalia. But the Romans weren’t the only ones that used mistletoe in their celebration. The Greeks and Celtic druids did as well.

A parasite that also nourishes

Typically, the green plant, with its white berries, grows in clumps on trees. Hidden among the leaves and branches for most of the year, they become visible in the late autumn and early winter when trees have lost all their leaves. As a parasite, mistletoe derives its nutrients from the host tree and can cause damage to the tree if allowed to overgrow. But it also provides nutrients to a host of mammals, including elk, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and porcupines, which eat the berries.

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