Discovery Place Science is a museum for all ages to see, hear, and explore science. What better way to expand your knowledge than to visit a science museum. This museum has fun exhibits, hands on labs, live shows, events, an IMAX theater, as well as shops and dining.

Featured Exhibits:

  • Think it up- in this exhibit you explore and experiment by doing things yourself
  • Being me- explore the human body
  • Da Vinci’s Machines- discover Da Vinci’s inventions
  • World Alive- explore an indoor rainforest
  • Project Build- build anything you can dream about in this exhibit
  • Cool Stuff- explore physical phenomena

If you have never been to an Imax theater you should go. Seeing a movie in an Imax theater is unlike any experience. It is so up close and personal you feel like you are actually in the movie. This museum has the largest Imax theater in the Carolinas. With a three-story tall dome-shaped screen, 12,000 watts of surround-sound and a projection lamp that can be seen from space, the IMAX dome delivers the world’s most immersive movie experience. Some of the featured shows right now are Amazon Adventure, Wonders of the Artic, and Flying Monsters. Check their website for show times.
In the labs at this museum you can create your own inventions and perform your own experiments! All ages have the opportunity to explore ideas through inquiry.

Featured Labs:

  • Explore more me- explore what makes you unique
  • Thinker space- design and create anything
  • Explore more stuff- discover the secrets of “stuff”
  • Explore more life- touch and learn about biodiversity
  • Explore more collections- find and learn about amazing new things

The live shows at this museum are something you cannot miss. The featured live shows available at this time are nose to nose, which is an up-close experience with live animals, a character portrayal, a world apart, fired up, the chemist, sub-zero, and the aquarium feeding tour. Visit the website for show times because they change daily.

Upcoming Events:

  • Chinese New Year Celebration- Sun February 18, 2018
  • Behind the Scenes Aquarium Tour- Sat February 17, 2018
  • Da Vinci’s Engineering Challenge- Sat February 17, 2018

Discovery Place Science also offers classes, workshops, field trips, and homeschool classes. There are so many things this museum has to offer for the ever changing science community.

For more information on everything they have to offer visit their website at:

Discovery Place Science
301 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28202

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm
Saturday- 9am to 5pm
Sunday- 12pm to 5pm


  • Museum: Adults $17.00, Children $13.00, Seniors $15.00
  • IMAX: Adults $10.00, Children $9.00, Seniors $9.00
  • Museum + IMAX: Adults $22.00, Children $18.00, Seniors $20.00

If you get hungry during your trip to the museum they have a restaurant called Curio City Kitchen. Their menu has options for a quick snack or a meal depending on what you’re in the mood for. Also on a side note if you become a member of the museum you will receive discounts on dining and the IMAX. Enjoy expanding your intelligence and learning new things at Discovery Place Science!

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Looking for more information about Charlotte, North Carolina?

Being from the area, you receive the benefits of learning about great neighborhoods, trends and hot spots.