Around the world, December 26 is celebrated as “Boxing Day.” In the United Kingdom, other European countries, and parts of Scandinavia, this “Second Christmas Day” is a day to reward the hard work of employees and service personnel for their efforts throughout the year. From as far back as the 17th century, employees of large households who did not receive Christmas Day off, were instead given the next day off. Along with the holiday, employers delivered boxes of food and gifts — hence the name “Boxing Day.”

In North Carolina, we don’t typically celebrate Boxing Day. But you can make it a holiday. Take time today and during the week to show appreciation to service personnel, delivery folks, household or office cleaners, or your server at a favorite restaurant. Tip door personnel. In your home, make this a time to box up rarely or gently used items you no longer need. Deliver them to a nearby shelter or charity.

Give the gift of a smile!

If moving is in your plans for this year, use Boxing Day to organize and box up anything that clutters your home. Start the New Year with a clean house and a clean slate. We can help you sell your house. We’ll help you buy a new one too. Then those boxes might just have a forever home.

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