When preparing your home for the market, you probably will need to make some improvements. However, there are seven home improvements you should avoid in order to sell quickly and for top dollar.

When you prepare your home for the market, you may want to make a few improvements. However, there are some improvements that might make a buyer think twice about purchasing your home. These are the top seven home improvements you should avoid:

  • Wallpaper. While wallpaper is very popular in model homes right now, buyers may not like the wallpaper that you choose for your home. Wallpaper is a red flag to buyers.

  • Lighting. Although you may need to update your lighting if you purchased your home before 2005, don’t go out and buy lavish light fixtures. Instead, get brushed nickel light fixtures that are practical and blend in with your home. Don’t go overboard.

  • Painting. Don’t add textures to your walls. In fact, if you can, get rid of popcorn ceilings. If you use a technique for painting that requires anything but paint, that will be very hard for the buyer to change, and they may pass on your home.

  • Flooring is another key piece to selling your home. When you update your flooring, make sure that you are consistent throughout your home. You don’t need a combination of laminate, tile, hardwood, and carpeting throughout the home. Be consistent and use the same textures and colors throughout your home.

  • Carpet. Don’t put too much carpet in your home. A lot of people want to get rid of carpeting in order to keep the house cleaner or reduce allergies.

  • Bold wall colors. You might love bright reds, blues, or fuchsias, but the buyer will want to change that wall color. Some buyers may avoid buying your house completely because painting over such bright colors can be very difficult.

  • Spas, hot tubs, and pools might not be worth it. You need to think twice before making such a huge investment. If you have a high-end home with plenty of yard, installing a pool or hot tub could be fine. Otherwise, buyers may just see these additions as big expenses. Spas, hot tubs, and pools can distract buyers or turn them away entirely, especially if they have small children.

If you avoid these seven home improvements, you are more likely to have a successful home sale. If you have any other questions about selling your home, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!

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